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SayCraft Solution members have over 25 years of industry experience supporting development organizations removing barriers that impede quality software from reaching the end customers. SayCraft has experience in many aspects of the development life cycle from system design, DevOps, container deployment, automated testing, performance testing, Agile implementation and version control.

Moving a product from a release based delivery model to a continuous delivery model requires a change to the product, the development organization and the underlying infrastructure. SayCraft Solutions can provide a plan that will enable organizations to implement changes to move towards this model. Speeding software delivery and additional automated testing will improve feedback to development teams and increase awareness of the sources of defects. This feedback is critical to improving overall software quality.

Envisioning the possible and the individual steps to get there is likely the greatest hurdle in making transformational change. SayCraft Solutions can provide this guidance to organizations and assist with the implementation.



System Architecture.

Defining a system architecture and the transition to this new architecture requires careful planning and communication.  Good system design requires good interface design.  Well designed interfaces reduce code complexity and reduce cognitive load on developers.  Working with open standards and protocols enhances the ability for the system to remain flexible in the future. 


DevOps is the deep end of an ocean that needs expert navigation, and we provide just that. DevOps is the heartbeat of a development organization.  A consistent and strong heartbeat is the sign of a strong organization.  Improving the strength of each beat and the rate has ripple effects throughout the organization as other parts are able to rely upon its strength.  The goal of DevOps is to slowly and consistently improve the heartbeat through an iterative and well communicated plan. 

Agile Transformation

Agile has many principles that are key to a productive organization. These principles need to be implemented over time to seed the transition to Agile.  Seeding Agile principles first allows for agile structures to be adopted as a way to resolve implementation difficulties instead of the common result of implementing the same work with a new organizational structure.  Principle first Agile implementation allows for Agile to be the solution not the problem.

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